Religion Expressed Through Art Essays

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Religion through art form provides us with a vision into a realm of heavenly beauty. Religion provides us with a sense of spirit fulfilment. It is only through worship and devotion that we feel connected to God. The practice of devotion and worship takes place in churches and cathedrals. It is these places that help us gain knowledge and a deeper more spiritual meaning of God. The churches and cathedrals are the very foundation of religious practice and devotion to God in my opinion. They are known as temples, ceremonial places, and are places of worship to God. However it is the claim that ‘art museums in the modern period fulfil some of the same functions as cathedrals and churches have done in the past’, which challenges contemporary…show more content…
The next thing you must know is the functions that art museums have do take on the role that the churches and cathedrals once had. 'Museums enable people to explore collections for inspiration, learning and enjoyment. They are institutions that collect, safeguard and make accessible artifacts and specimens, which they hold in trust for society.' Art museums, in reference to this definition of museums, specifically ‘make accessible’ a body of work to people around the world. It in essence offers a ‘new’ stage in which artists can both appreciate and challenge religion. Art museums of the modern period have the same aesthetic as cathedrals or churches of the past. ‘The very architecture of museums suggest their character as secular rituals. It was fitting that the temple façade was for two hundred years the most popular signifier for the public art museum.’ It is not just that they give on the impression of temples Carol Duncan suggests, but rather that they function and work like temples, shrines and cathedrals of the past. Other
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