Religion Fights Back

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Religion Fights Back Introduction Before the Holocaust, Jewish people had ordinary lives. Children went to school, parents went to work or owned their own business. They carried on spiritual traditions and strived for their own goals. During the Holocaust though, Jews lost the meaning of life (Michalczyk 177). They were considered useless and a burden to the Germans. This was continuously beat into their minds not only mentally but also physically (Michalczyk 177). Some were able to beat these thoughts though. They did this by holding on to what Hitler was trying to destroy: their religion (Michalczyk 177). Jews kept religion and faith in their daily lives during the Holocaust because it brought them purpose and hope in order to try…show more content…
To light a candle or ever a match would have brought immediate disaster upon all of us” (The Holocaust Chronicles). Though it was dangerous, without prayer, some Jews would have had no one to talk to during the Holocaust. Left alone Jewish people had no one to lean on when the Holocaust was taking place. When parents were sent to work in labor camps, they sent their children away to live with family friends or trusted people (Mazal). Often times this act was just leading the children to poverty and homelessness because those people who were once reliable friends, now wanted nothing to do with Jews (Mazal). When this happened, some Jews thought they were forever alone but there were those who knew they still had their God. Another time when Jews had to lean on their God was when they were placed in concentration camps. When Jews entered concentration camps they were separated out (The Holocaust Chronicles). Most capable men were led to a life of slave labor, often working in the crematoriums (Mazal). Women and children were led straight to gas chambers or other ways of death (Mazal). This left family members alone, scared, and helpless. This is when many turned back to their religion (Mazal). They needed someone to
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