Religion For Some Is A Pathway To Heaven. Following Any

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Religion for some is a pathway to Heaven. Following any religion is a personal choice of living a life with faith in a divine and supreme power. As any other major religion, Islam promotes peace, love and equality for all mankind . People who follow Islam are Muslims which is defined as “one who surrenders” in front of God. Islam has given both rights and responsibilities to men and women, but it has also handed extra responsibility to men to look after their families, to provide for them, and to protect them. Women, on the other hand, serve as a strong pillar of support and strength, and to act as a bond between their families. Their role is no lesser than men. However, western societies see Muslim women as an oppressed gender by…show more content…
A strong evidence of equality in Islam is its distribution of inheritance. Women do not have to share their part with anyone, and they hold the sole ownership of the inheritance even if she is living in her brother’s house.On the other hand, men are responsible for providing for the family, and they have no right in their sister’s share of inheritance. Bernadette, elaborated the fact that, “English wives possessed no inherent civil rights, including the right to own property which constitutes the core of classical liberalism, until the end of the nineteenth century when “The Married Women’s Property Act” was passed; correspondingly, under Islamic law, Muslims cannot be enslaved (hence, the fallacy of the “Muslim wife as slave”) and Muslim women always had an inalienable right to own property.” BERNADETTE ANDREA. This proves that Islam uplifts, rather than oppresses, women. Islam empowers women, and women who believe in the teachings to be in their favour choose to wear the Hijab as a reflection of their devotion to Islam, and it is not a sign of oppression. Think of Catholic nuns and their outfits that cover them from head to toe, and even of Catholic women who, at least historically, would wear a scarf over their heads to church. These women were not forced to wear this dress but did so out of religious devotion. Besides, in Qatar, and
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