Religion Has Been A Major Force In The History Of The United

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Religion has been a major force in the history of the United States and in settling the colonies of America in many ways. Religion was definitely one of the major reasons for the founding of the colonies. The early colonists wanted the freedom to worship God as they had seen as proper, and they were promised this freedom of worship. Most of these colonies were deeply rooted in their religious beliefs. Religion was a powerful influence on the social and political life of the colonial times in the New World. Typically, in the colonies, the church was a large building in the middle of a town and was used for town meetings and community gatherings in addition to worship. During this time, a church was the first building to go up, and the…show more content…
The Quakers and Puritans moved from their homes in Europe and England because of the unfairness in their religious beliefs. They sought to reform the Anglican religious practice, which was to “purify” the church and later became known as the Puritans (Wood). They demanded for the removal of all Roman Catholic rituals and wanted to simplify religion to its basics (Shi, 42). The Puritans landed in American where new colonies were created. The Puritans did not accept those that believed differently than they did. They left England because they refused to worship in Anglican churches. The Puritans refused the Quakers and any others citizenship who believed in a different form of worship. The Quakers had also refused to support the Church of England and were under the leadership of William Penn. The Quakers stamped their values on the government of Pennsylvania. Other Puritans that were not as radical in their religious views later formed settlements along the Massachusetts Bay (Wood).
The Pilgrims main reason in coming to America was that they were searching for the freedom to worship. The Pilgrims, defined as a person who journeys to a place for religious reasons, were also known as Separatists. The Separatists were with the Pilgrims who traveled across the Atlantic and settled the first permanent English settlement, Plymouth Colony in New England. The Separatists required that each congregation rule itself and not be controlled by a bureaucracy
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