Religion Has Been Around Since The Early Civilizations

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Religion has been around since the early civilizations and as time went on, more religions progressed, and people have followed different religions. Throughout time there has been many great religious leaders, particularly Jesus, Moses, and Muhammad. Of these three pronounced leaders, all will be in attendance for a dinner party in which questions and thoughts about religion will be discussed openly. Religion is defined as a “cause, principle, or system of beliefs held to with ardor and faith” (Merriam-Webster). The main questions today will be on religion and how their people have followed their religion. I will discuss today with Jesus, Moses, and Muhammad about religion to get a better understanding of their beliefs. I understand that …show more content…

Because Jesus’s situation of understanding Judaism, I ask Jesus how he saw Christianity and if he ever thought that there would be conflicts between Jews and Christians. Jesus believed that there would be conflict between the two religions but never at the level they ended up being. The conflict was described as “violent clashes” and often times “stormy” (Experience Humanities 144). The conflicts arose because of the similarities and differences between the two religions early on. In conclusion, Jesus believes that his life and ministry explained in the New Testament help give belief in him. One of the oldest religions in the world is Judaism. I would like to discuss with Moses and his influence on the religion of Judaism. Moses describes himself as a privileged young man that was setup to be a ruler one day. Both Jesus and Muhammad chime into the discussion as they both came up from different lifestyles. As shown in the painting “Moses Expounding the Law of the Unclean Beasts,” Moses is described as a head with “horns” who is receiving God’s law (Experience Humanities 251). This was a painting in which Moses explains why people believed in him and how he was able to mold his followers. Moses held himself as God because many did look up to him. He helped Judaism by giving the people the belief that there is only one God, and god demands a

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