Religion- Health and Wellbeing

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RELIGION ESSAY -By Alyssa Health is one of the many contemporary issues that revolve around our world today, it is a concern of any entity that lives and breathes; it is the general condition of the body or mind associating with the durability and alacrity of a character. Roman Catholics and Buddhists teach the value of health; they are often compared in their views in terms of health-related subjects such as their beliefs in contraception, sexual activity, and concepts of general wellbeing (Meditation). Although the views of Roman Catholicism and Buddhism seem to be contrasting, there…show more content…
This is seen through the quote from the Buddhist tenets “The life cycle of a sentient being begins when consciousness enters the womb, and traditionally this has been considered the moment of conception.” Roman Catholic churches are definitely against any form of contraception to prevent birth of a new life because it would prevent God’s will from taking place which would therefore be playing God and the plan laid out for the person. Supporting the statements is the ‘Humanae Vitae’ in which Pope Paul VI set, which held two rules regarding sexual intercourse: “(1) That it should strengthen the bond between a husband and wife. (2) That it should always be open to the possibility of creating new life. The only form of contraception that Roman Catholics have permission to use is natural family planning, which a woman discovers her fertile period each month, thus avoiding sexual intercourse at that temporary length of time.” A loving, sexual life is one of the many important concepts to a human being. Buddhists teachings regarding a sexual life would be that it is better to have sexual intercourse in a loving long-term relationship rather than committing a succession of temporary affairs. A quote that sufficiently supports this belief is seen in this quote “When you are a slave of your senses you cannot know what love really is. If you only use other people as a means of satisfying your own desires, then you can never really know them for who they are. This leads to a
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