Religion : Hinduism, Islam, And Christianity

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Religion is known as having a deep relationship with a supreme being or thing. Also, to believe in them with the extent of worship and to follow their practices. A few of the main religions over time have been Hinduism, Islam, and Christianity. These three religions consist of ideas and practices that may be very different, but are made up of the same general idea expressed in a new form. Although their main differences, each religion seeks one thing, and that 's an afterlife.
Most religions are made up of a god or many gods. Hinduism is considered a polytheistic religion, which means more than one god. Hindu beliefs, like mentioned in the Upanishads, believe in Brahman which is considered their “creator.” Brahman is considered to be their main god. Yet, they worship other myriad gods like the sun that represents many aspects of what Brahman is. On the other hand, Islam and Christianity are both monotheistic, meaning “one.” In Christianity, they have one God who is universal. He is Jesus of Nazareth and was a real human being. Also, Islam consisted of a real human “god” as well and his name was Muhammad ibn Abdallah, or “Allah” for short. The difference between these two religions is that in Christianity, Jesus was real and acted upon his own teachings, while Allah was just known for receiving the revelations from a specific god. Allah did not actually create his own prophecies or teachings, unlike Jesus did.
For each of these religions, they all contain a certain
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