Religion In Aldous Huxley's Brave New World

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Humanity is constantly searching for inclusion. Everyone has an innate and incurable desire to feel like, to feel wanted, to feel needed. For many people, religion is a tool to achieving that goal. Religion is like an open door to a group of peers who are often accepting and loving all all strangers who seek embrace. However, the problem of religion arises when it becomes too self serving and the original purpose of religion is forgotten, the morality and kindness that God embodies. Illuminating the undeniable similarities between all forms of religion, religious wars become insignificant, proving the human desire to achieve superiority and dominance with their social group. Comparing different depictions of God by different religions, similarities…show more content…
Because of biological predispositions created by God for survival purposes, humans feel a deep desire to be included in groups by peers. Now, that is no longer a blatant survival issue, human need for inclusion is still a major contributing factor to mental health and social skills. This is seen through humanity's innate desire to cling to religion, as seen in Aldous Huxley’s novel, Brave New World, in which submissive characters like Lenina cling to this new age religion and deities instead of facing the truth but being alone in doing so. Bernard and John give Lenina the opportunity to embrace the truth of their mental enslavement, breaking free and becoming an individual but instead she hides, choosing instead to remain included in a group, following the religion she already knows, trusting that her God will help her and only her when in reality, God is all-loving. What religion you are is insignificant in God's eyes. You can stay with the masses and feel the social love and support from peers, or you can break off and reach into the abyss of individuality, with your own depiction of God guiding you. God is an indescribable being because he does not fit one single mold. He contorts to fit the needs of the creatures he created, being omnipresent in all of everything, even from those who claim to not believe in him. Many people, however, fail to ascertain his incomprehensible powers as a deity, using him instead, to fit their own political agenda. Then try to lock him into one mold and use him to achieve moral superiority amongst those who have created a different mold, an example of this being the crusades, when the christian church battled the muslims in a fight for holy land. They couldn't comprehend that it was not two different Gods leading each time into battle but instead one God
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