Religion In America Essay

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Religion has played a significant part in the foundation of our country. It is safe to say that religion has both united and divided our country in many ways. However, I believe that religion has helped in uniting our country more. Christianity is the religion that our country’s morals and beliefs have been based upon for decades. For the first time in history, religion played a role in unifying the country; Separatists (a small group of dedicated Puritans) came to America to practice religious freedom. They longed for a haven where they could live and die as purified Protestants. Religion has played a very significant role in the foundation of our country and has been a common factor that everyone has. It has divided our country several…show more content…
As winthrop had said earlier, that he understood people were bound to disagree and he was willing to tolerate within a range of beliefs, but this was a step out of line. Roger Williams was banished in 1635 for speaking out against the right of civil leadership, and Anne Hutchinson was banished from the Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1637 due to her challenging the religious beliefs of the colony’s founders. It is arguable that this is an example of diversity; however, it was diversity that was used to keep the colony…show more content…
Religion had divided and unified people in America so many times that we ended up divided into 50 states. It could be arguable that other religions had played a role the foundation of America (which they did later on), but when our country was started, it was started with the mindset that America will be run on christian morals. Religion has done so much in America, sometimes for the worst, and sometimes for the better; however, it is a country whose religion has divided us into 50 states, but those 50 states are one country, the United States of
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