Religion In Mulan

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The movie Mulan portrayed a young and beautiful Chinese female who always seems to place disappointment and dishonor on her herself, her father, and her families last name. Mulan depicted as a nontraditional chinese female. Honestly, She doesn't fit in with the Chinese traditional culture whatsoever due to the reasons she speaks her mind, disobeys orders, and she impersonated a soldier by disguising herself as a man to fight a war. Throughout the movie, Mulan and her family continues to pray to their ancestors in hope for their ancestors will answer their prayers and requests.
In the mythical movie, Mulan proved to continue to use spiritual and religious prayer. Throughout the movie, Mulan wanted to be known as an honor to her family. Instead, Mulan proves to be a dishonor to everyone she comes into contact with. Although, everything she did seemed to furoate her family member, townspeople, citizens, and even the military.

Mulan and her family used spiritual and religious prayer to bring honor to her families name. The start of the film her father is kneeling, praying and asking the ancestors
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Soon after, The leader of the holy gods was woken up by the requests and gave the red dragon Mushu the responsibility to bring Mulan back home. Little did the spirits know that the little red dragon had an other agenda and wanted to prove to the souls that he was capable of making them proud as well. Mulan fought a hard battle to establish that she was not a disgrace to her family, she carried on many qualities and attributed that any other man would have done for their family. In conclusion without the power of prayer to their ancestors, her family would have lived on as a disgrace rather than an
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