Religion In Night By Elie Wiesel

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As days went by in the concentration camp, many begin to lose their faith in religion just like Elie. The book, Night is written by Elie Wiesel, a winner of the Nobel Peace prize. In the book Night, Elie is the main character who is very religious at first. It begins with his family and him traveling to Auschwitz which his little sister and mother die. With only his father and him, they went through many hardships and moving from camp to camp. Unfortunately, Elie father did not survive the Holocaust but Elie did. By the end of the story, Elie did entirely lose his faith in God because he did not celebrate the important holidays, questioned God and his justice, and tries to forget his existence.
One way that shows Elie loss of faith in religion is that he refuse to participate and enjoy the religious holidays. Once a religious Jewish who study the Kabbalah, Elie did not enjoy Rosh Hashana and pray like the other Jews. He also decided not to fast during Yom Kippur. “And then, there was no longer any reason for me to fast. I no longer accepted God’s silence. As I swallowed my ration of soup. I turned that act into a symbol of rebellion, of protest against him”(Wiesel, 69). Wiesel uses words such as silence, rebellion, and protests against him to bring out the anger in Elie’s voice and feeling. He realizes that faith does not help you survive. Elie’s refusal to participate in these holidays indicates the beginning process of losing his faith.
Another way that shows him losing
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