Religion In North Korea

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Although North Korea is known for being a place where Christians are persecuted, the underground believers’ faith is strong and they are surprisingly praying for American Christians
In an interview with Hope 103.2, Voice of Martyrs Korea head Dr. Eric Foley depicted a different picture of North Korea. Christians in the reclusive state are seen as terrorists and are executed or forced into concentration camps, but the local believers are very creative in sharing the Gospel to others.
Foley, who works to change how the West sees North Korean believers, said Americans would be surprised to learn that the believers in the Asian country are praying faithfully for them.
“You pray for us? We pray for you! That's the problem with you American Christians and South Korean Christians!” one defector told Dr. Foley. “You have so much, you put your faith in your money and in your freedom. In North Korea we have neither money nor freedom, but we have
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Foley explained that North Korean believers do not pray to have the same freedom that Americans have because they focus more on praying to be able to mirror Christ in their life. Instead of pitying the Christians in North Korea, Foley urged believers to join them in prayer.
Open Doors USA has ranked North Korea as the top country where Christians are persecuted most. This is the 14th consecutive year that the reclusive state has clinched the number one spot in the said list.
Despite the 70 years of Christian persecution in North Korea, God has not stopped working in the country. In fact, the North Korean regime has allowed 70 Christian foreign organizations to work there since 1995, The Gospel Herald notes.
According to a report from the Lausanne Global Analysis, the activities of the Christian organizations in North Korea have allowed a large part of its population to be exposed to Christianity. The report also explains that the government tolerates these groups because of the benefits they give and because of their
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