Religion Is A Conception Of One 's Own Beliefs

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Siddharth Gautam once said, “Believe only after careful observation and analysis….” Religion is generally a conception of one’s own beliefs. It is within a religion where humanity develops the mindset of worship. However, one believes that in order to be religious one must follow and adhere to certain protocols within that distinct area of faith. Like Buddha says, belief should only be experienced after the analyzation and actual appraisal of the conception of religion and how one connects to it. Throughout the span of life, religion has been handed down through generations, expecting the continuation of a certain belief, without allowing the individualism of a human being to explore what it is that speaks to them. I, sharing this…show more content…
In order to enter the state of nirvana one must enter the homeless state of a monk. Theravada Buddhists speak of Buddha, their master, as the human Buddha. They call him “the great enlightened man”. According to the Anatomy of the Sacred, sutra literature is the first division of the official Theravada canon which is in relation to the Pali Canon described as the Word of the Buddha. It is believed that there is a karma-samsara theodicy which defines as Buddha connecting his profound realism about suffering with doctrines of karma and samsara where all beings are the effect of previous causes and there is a profound sense of rightness. This gives it the interpretation that Theravada Buddhism strips religion of its usual elements, according to Livingston in the Anatomy of the Sacred. The Wat Buddharangsi Temple was introduced to Florida as a place of refuge for local buddhists by Miami Architect Noppom Poochareor. It was then transformed to a non-profit religious organization where tourists and residents can visit and explore Buddhist culture and teachings through annual celebrations and daily hours of worship. A magnificent statue of Buddha established in the middle of the temple was a tremendous sight to see. It is the main Buddha of worship and it is called Phrabuddhadhammachinaraj. The Theravada cultural symbols are distinguished by cetiya which are three categories:
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