Religion Is A Major Key For Conflict

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Even in its earliest stages, religion has been a major key in conflict. It has driven individuals, groups, and even entire nations apart. Many of the reasons for the disagreements, however, can differ greatly from one another. They can come from people of the same religion but with different views, it can be from a long history of hatred between two religions, it can originate through two countries that hate each other and then turns into a religion battle, and many other possibilities. Most of the results, though, are the same. Religion can strike fear in some, it can lead to distrust and miscommunication, and it can lead to assaults and killings of certain people. How Fear Can Lead to the Worst Fear can be one of the worst things to invoke in a population. Fear can cause the people to panic. When they begin to panic, their judgement is not as efficient, they do not think as thoroughly, and this ends in rushed decisions being made. These rushed decisions can lead them to their own grave and even guide others to their death as well. In “World War Z,” religion is the beginning cause of fear that sparks it all. China was where the first subject, or “Patient Zero”, was found. While the Dr. Jingshu was, at first, handing the house call well, as soon as the situation took a turn for the worst fear set in. “At first the villagers tried to hold me back. They warned me not to touch him, that he was ‘cursed’” (Jingshu 7). Jingshu had to force two of the largest men to
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