Religion Is A Sensitive Subject For Me

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Religion is a sensitive subject for me. My views on religion are a more of a new age thinker rather than which I was raised. I can already hear my very Catholic (paternal) grandmother’s voice in my head telling me “ Phew!! Estas loca! Somos Catolicos y nada mas! Intendies?” or in English “Phew!! You are crazy! We are Catholics and nothing else? Understand?” It’s a good thing my grandmother could not make the rules about how I worship my God! Even though she was not tolerant; we live in the most tolerant nation in the world.

As young children we are told what to believe and what religion to practice. I learned at a young age that I did not have to believe what my grandmother believed or how she believed it. My views today are a reflection on how my father was raised. He had Catholicism shoved down his throat from infancy to adulthood. My parents were married by the Catholic Church in 1990 and by 1993 they were divorced. After that church was non existent in my family. Both of my parents later told me, you can go to church every Sunday and do as you are told, but it is up to you, not the church, how you live your life. My grandmother was not tolerant of any other religion. You had to do as your were told by the priest. When my parents divorced we became distant from my grandmother. She did not agree with my parents choice to divorce because Catholics do not divorce. So were my parents supposed to live an unhappy life because Catholicism said you had too?

To me religion is

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