Religion Is An Important Part Of Life For Many People

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Religion can be defined as a philosophy based on spiritual beliefs. Religion is an important part of life for many people. For many years, people from all across the globe have looked at religion as a way of having a method of understanding the unfathomable. Religion sets a guideline for individuals to have a set of beliefs that influence their daily lives, including how they perceive things, and how they act. No matter what someone believes in it is important to understand different religions because it helps us to comprehend the world around us and the behavior of people. Two popular and significant religions are Christianity and Buddhism. These two religions are among the most influential religions on earth. Both religions have inspired…show more content…
This is found in the first book of the Bible called Genesis. Once He had created the earth, he molded Adam then took a rib from him and formed Eve. They believe that every human being is special to God, and he, therefore, created them exactly how he wants them to be. Because the belief of God creating them they consider themselves children of God.
To understand Christianity, an individual must understand the life of Jesus. In the Christian faith it is believed that because of our sin we are separated from God so we as humans cannot overcome sin by our own goodness. That being said, God sent Jesus to earth to save humanity. Jesus was born of a young virgin named Mary. He grew up in in small village in Galilee. His earthly father was a carpenter and he later became one as well. During his life, Jesus began to preach and became a noted healer and prophet. Although there is little information known on his early life, his teachings are recorded in the Bible’s New Testament. Christianity is grounded on the life, the teachings, the death, and the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Jesus and his 12 devoted followers taught people of the urgent need to turn to God and preached, “with a message of mercy for sinners, the poor, the suffering and those rejected by society”(Quinn 17). Jesus was crucified on the cross because many people thought he was falsely claiming to be The Son of God. Since He was
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