Religion Is Defined As A Set Of Beliefs, Practices, And Values

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Introduction Religion is defined as a set of beliefs, practices and values based on the teachings of a spiritual leader, the majority of religions in practice today revolve around God, multiple Gods or even God like figures.[ ] This definition of religion covers the vast majority of religions in practice today, for instance Christianity where God and Jesus are worshipped and Islam where God and Mohammad are worshipped. Although religions differ in terms of the way in which they are practiced and is worship, they all contain moral codes, which in short all points towards being a good person. Spirituality, commonly believed to be a portion of religion, is defined as “the search for meaning in life” or the way in which an individual expresses meaning and purpose and “the way one experiences their connectedness to the moment, to others and nature.”[ ] From this definition it becomes evident that one is not required to follow a religion to be spiritual and the two are separate ‘practices’. Religion is found in many shapes and forms, approximately 85% of the world 's population identify themselves as a follower of a religion, this illustrates that religion is indeed a big part of modern culture.[ ] To obtain primary data on the topic, a survey has been created and sent out to the youths attending a private Christian college, the data gathered from the survey will be utilised to understand the primary influences on youths concerning religion and spirituality. Research and

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