Religion Is Detrimental On The Progress Of Humanity

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Imagine laying on the beach, listening to the crash of the waves. When suddenly the surrounding noises change, and the sea begins to make a loud roaring noise overpowering everything else. Sitting up quickly in order to see what is happening, as the sea divides all the way to the ground, creating a pathway with two enormous blue walls of water. Dare to walk through and risk the chance of tons of water crashing down, or marvel the miracle at a distance? Many people believe that God split the Red Sea for Moses when he fled Egypt with the Israelites, and that they all walked along the seafloor to the other side. This story along with many others can make it difficult to not be skeptical towards religion. Actions can sometimes prove harmful…show more content…
Putting pathos heavy arguments towards the end did help his argument feel a little more convincing, yet like he was trying too much. The title Religulous relates to the film’s theme through a mesh of the words religion and ridiculous, which is Bill’s theme and tone of the film. If the views of the film’s audience leen more skeptical towards religion, or if they can recall 9/11, then the film will more likely appear convincing. However, it may come across more offensive to more religious people. Most religions may have a violent past, people killing in the name of their God, but that does not occur much today. This is due in part to the fact that religion is no longer a form of government like it used to be. Just because a lot of religions come with a violent history, does not mean that they still perform the same way. Some religious people today, most often Muslims, have performed what people call “terrorist” attacks. However, just because a group of people within a particular group does something, does not mean that everyone else in that group participated in it, let alone agrees with what they did. That’s what people call guilt by association, and does not stand as enough evidence alone, especially in court. Even though a lot of religions have a violent past, not all of them do, and should not get grouped into the same dilema. Bill never talked to all religions, could that have been intentional? If he talked to a cherokee, a religion based on nature, would
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