Religion Is Interfering With Science And Or Social Progress?

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Growing up, every Sunday my family and I would attend church. For the first few years of my life, I only knew one religion, Christianity. As I got older, I started recognizing that there was more than one religion, but I never could understand what they were and what they meant. Today, I am starting to understand more and more about other religions. It has occurred to me that sometimes there is a conflict between religions when talking about certain topics. There are multiple controversial topics that can cause an uproar for one or many religions such as abortion and evolution. In addition, there are disagreements between religions that cause many other issues on their own. In that case, religion is interfering with science and/or…show more content…
The ability to understand logically the always-changing scientific ideas has been compromised due to some hard-headed religious people. Walter Eugene Clark wrote in the Harvard Theological Review that, “Religion is not all human life” (Clark 101). Although people do have the right to practice religion, there are many other factors that are in play, including science when it comes to the world around us. Science is ever-changing and should be acknowledged and understood. This can be done by many religious people while staying true to their faith. Another way religion is interfering with science is when some religious people discredit scientific believers. People who believe in science are being judged by those who believe in religion. According to Rod Dreher, “The public needs to recognize that [people who believe in science] are not always hostile to religion” (Dreher). Not every religious person attacks scientific believers, but scientific believers may feel that some religious people do not acknowledge their viewpoints as a valid way of thinking. Science is always being challenged and this is not the problem. The problem stems from some people who don’t try to understand the scientific side of an argument. These people immediately jump to the conclusion that their religious viewpoint is correct and other viewpoints are invalid. Jeffery K. Hadden states, “Secularist and believers alike look for ways to render legitimate the causes they support”
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