Religion Is More Than A Belief System

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The definition of religion is a hard one to summarize in one sentence. Webster 's definition follows as"An organized system of beliefs, ceremonies, and rules used to worship a god or groups of gods." When I was a child I was not exposed to other belief systems, so is saw religion basically as a reward system for simply acknowledging that a certain deity existed. Throughout my mental growth I began to notice that my understanding of religion was incomplete. I needed to take into consideration that religion is more than a belief system, it is one of the oldest concepts in recorded history,.

It is very likely that before 300 A.D. there was no word for religion, but the concept still was passed on from culture to culture. The earliest western civilizations on record are the Ancient Egyptians and the long list of inhabitants, between the tigris and the euphrates rivers, in Mesopotamia. These civilizations both acknowledged a series of gods. The civilizations that sprung up in lower and upper Mesopotamia were constantly rising and falling. The ruling empires fluctuated from the Sumerian Empire, to the Babylonian empire. Despite both the Egyptians and the Mesopotamian civilizations having gods that they worshiped they still had no word for a belief in god. It was not until the later half of the Roman Empire that the word religion was given meaning. The Jewish ideals were growing in the shadows of the Roman Empire, the beliefs of the Jews were labeled as superstitious due to the
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