Religion Is The Involvement Of Women And The Roles That They Play

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Our world is filled with a variety of different religions yet they all share common characteristics. They have some sort of history, or myth, which is often told as a story. They tend to develop doctrines, which are basically a set of principles that guide people’s actions. All religions have a wide variety of rituals, in which are practiced in their specific sacred place. Many different emotions are associated with religious experiences. Also, religion contains ethics, or morals, which offer a code of conduct for their followers to live through (Robson, 12-15). Although there are many differences between the diverse religions of the world, the similarities seem to be more apparent. One subject that seems to be underrepresented in the study of religion is the involvement of women and the roles that they play. “…there is much value in examining how women are perceived and treated in different traditions” (Anderson, xii).
When analyzing the historical aspect of religion, there is a common theme of men being more prevalent in the religion than women. An example of this can be found in Judaism. This religion, along with a large variety of others, uses a male figure as their God. “Together, male God imagery and normative maleness constitute a powerful circular argument. Another problem with the male image of God is that it has ceased to function as a symbol and become an idol instead. As a consequence, what is worshipped is maleness instead of God” (Kuikman, 58).…
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