Religion Is The Most Important Aspect Of A Person 's Life

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For centuries, and just until recently, religion was the most important aspect in a person’s life. From the beginning of times, new communities have emerged as a result of religious battles or disagreements among those who reject the idea of an imposed religious state. Religion have predominantly governed the economic, societal and political institutions of our word for decades. It is so that every nation or community in the world have adopted their rules of law, and societal rules according to the tenets of their religious views. Although one may think that religion caused humans to be less technologically advanced, religion has nonetheless brought social changes and shape communities to live according to moral and ethical guidelines. For example; The Islamic religion have recently endured high criticism among western nation. Such criticism have been led to nationalist groups, Islamic terrorist organizations, a widespread of radical groups claiming to fight for the survival and continuance of the Islamic religion. Nevertheless, the Islamic religion have been prominent and highly recognized for its contributions in mathematical science, trade and commerce, and the great teaching of the Quorum. In ancient times where cultural warfare and battles among various ethnic groups have destroyed important developments in science, Muslims strived to preserve the heritage of the ancient world. Through a codified, systemized, explained, criticized system, Muslims took over teachings
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