Religion Of The Ancient Civilizations

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From the ancient Mesopotamian civilizations to the Muslim world, antiquity has always been filled with religions of all sorts. These religions helped guide how ancient peoples lived life and came about doing even the most common tasks that people like us do today. Religion impacted the civilizations of the ancient world by greatly influencing how peoples of ancient civilizations acted, how they thought about the world around them, how civilizations were organized and maintained, and how they interacted with civilizations of another religion.
First, religions in civilizations of the ancient world impacted the way of life for followers of the religions. Followers of different religions worshiped their religions differently, but it is true that all followers of religion have some sort of way to practice their religion. It is known that many ancient peoples spent a significant amount of time in their lives to practice their religion. For example, the religion of Islam stresses the importance of praying five times a day. Thus, Muslims, compared to adherents to other religions, would have had spent more time each day on praying. Another facet of Islam is jihad. In wars, this principle of striving in the way of Allah motivated Muslim soldiers to fight gloriously and fearlessly, knowing that their actions are honorable and righteous. Undoubtedly, this common belief within Muslim armies boosted war morale and helped Islam under Muhammad spread like wildfire throughout the Arabian
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