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Religion is intricately intertwined with various aspects in the socio-cultural arena, that the above three factors are always present in the shaping of an individual’s religious identity. Ethnic differences; according to the Social Identity Theory, emerge when individuals of ethnic minority groups feel threatened in terms of identity, thus reasons for their emphasis on their social identities as a means of maintaining positive self-conception. Gender differences may impact on one’s religious identity; this being exemplified through the characteristic participation of the female gender in religious activities and in their expression of religion as being an important aspect of their lives, this being in relation to their male counterparts…show more content…
The work “Sitt Maria Rose” by Etel Adnan is set before and during the Lebanese Civil War of 1975-1990. Publication was done in France in 1978, after an Arabic translation done one year earlier. It was based on the life of Maria Rose Boulos, who was executed by a Christian militia during the conflict, defines in breadth the various aspects of Lebanese culture, and even on social issues such as xenophobia and women’s role in society. Historically the French Mandate (1943) ended France’s political influence in Lebanon, but the influences brought by Western culture helped create a Lebanon characterized by diversity. The major themes, as put by Adnan, are based on contrasts between the Western and Eastern influences on Beirut. The role of the Lebanese women, within their social context, is paid particular attention especially in the latter half of the work, in the form of a dramatization of the death of Maria Rose Boulos. She was an immigrant from Syria who taught deaf and mute children and contributed to the organization of social services for Palestinian camps (Adnan 17). It is based on two timeframes, the pre-war era, with Mounir’s desire to make a movie on Syrian immigrant working in Lebanon. It is during this era that violence, as

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