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The issue of homosexuality is gaining ground and spreading like wild fire in this modern age both in the political, social spheres and not sparing the church. It has come out as the term goes, left its closet, and it is knocking on different doors ranging from homes to schools and surprisingly even on the Christian institutions. The advocates of homosexuality have gone to the extent of preaching their doctrine of love, tolerance, equality, and justice through television channels, radio programmes, newspapers, and magazines and going to the point of demonstrating with their banners flying high in different cities of the world and not excluding the major cities of this nation, United Kingdom. The activists of
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There are notable numbers of heterosexual men who engage in homosexual acts for an assortment of reasons, such as once being a prisoner or anywhere where heterosexual sex is unavailable. Also, it could be wrong to believe that a youngster who is seen to be engaged in homosexual deeds during his or her early years of his or her life will inevitably become homosexual unless these actions satisfy needs which are being depraved somewhere in other ways, such as needs for love, acceptance, safety and significance. When it comes to these cases, the youngster's participation in the act is perceived as a replacement for the needs which does not involve sex he or she is getting. It is possible that the act and the fulfilled needs may become synonymous, which could lead to the development of a homosexual orientation. Nevertheless, it has been proved statistically that most children who undergo homosexual acts forget all these deeds and mature to lead a normal heterosexual life. And the second component to be scrutinized in relation to homosexuality is what we call psychic response: in brief we could define this term as sexual stimulation influenced by visual perception or fantasy speculation. This mental response is sometimes known by certain groups of people as homosexual orientation. Despite the claim by several people that they have passed through an experience of visual or sexual attraction for the
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