Religion & Politics - a Dangerous Recipe

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POLT 4600: RELIGIOUS INTOLERANCE AND PERSECUTION Spring 1, 2011 TABLE OF CONTENTS: I. DEFINITIONS OF KEY CONCEPTS a.Religion b.Persecution and Intolerance c.Humanitarian space II. RISE OF EXTREMISM a.Why? b.The response and role of the international community III. HOW TO CREATE HUMANITARIAN SPACE FOR THE VICTIM OF RELIGIOUS PERSECUTION? a.Mobilization of the international community as a whole b.Fight the hypocrisis of governments that should be role models c. Facilitate the proliferation of human rights and democracy IV. Why is there a need for separation between religious authorities and governments? a.The role of religious institutions b.Achievements made by states that are free of the…show more content…
Forced to have allies, these create a national identity that exclude people that they do not judge valuable for the protection of their regime. Therefore, believers who do not share the same religion are marginalized and exposed to intolerance and persecution. These people who have a different faith are denied jobs opportunities in the governments, chance to thrive and overall increase their standard of living. The same way, governments, characterized by their authoritiarian nature deny religious minorities the right to live zhere they should live; consequently, these minorities live in different areas marginalized from the rest of society. As well, the obligation to protect your people is not a priority of these governments, as they le coalition of bad intentioned extremist persecute and feed the intolerance toward minorities. Unfortunately, the passive position of authoritarian regimes as allows the proliferation of physical threat against religious minorities in Africa, Asia, Eurasia and the Middle East. Finally, from the point of view of authoritarian regime, we realize that they feel need to divide and rule to assert their power over dominated population. The marginalization of a few have backed regime, as their favorite will eventually do whatever necessary to preserve their advantages over people who will dare to complain. HOW TO CREATE HUMANITARIAN SPACE FOR THE VICTIMS OF RELIGIOUS PERSECUTION? a. Mobilization of the international
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