Religion Reflection Paper

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The experience to learn about a religion different than the one I grew up learning, was very appealing. Throughout my childhood, I attended a Catholic mass every Saturday night, and CCD school every Sunday morning. When my group first got together, we pondered different religions we could potentially work with landing on the Islamic Society of CNY. None of us had any knowledge on the Islamic faith, so we figured, why not. My role in the project was to work on doing research about Allah. Allah is the Islamic faiths, one and only god. Along with speaking about Allah, I highlight the ideology that even though many individuals associate the Islamic faith with terrorism, terror is actually being used against them. In Egypt, a few weeks ago, the biggest terror attack in Egypt targeted the Islamic community killing over 300 plus people. I personally believed it was important to highlight this information throughout the presentation because it is such a common misconception; that Muslims in the Islamic faith are the ones committing these horrible acts of violence, when in turn, they are being attacked on their own front. During the time spent doing my research, I mostly consulted the Islamic Society of CNY’s website, because they had a lot of very useful information. Sadly, the only day Mohammed was available to speak to us was a morning I had a mandatory commitment, so I was unable to speak to him myself. Although I was unable to speak to him myself, the information I asked some
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