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What is a religion to people? Religion provides preservation, awareness, wisdom, teaching of the good or bad. It 's a lifeline for some people. It is the way they associate life and live with it. Religion is how they identify themselves. Religion is very big part of people lives and plays the huge role in their actions. There are good and bad deeds or sin and virtues according to religion. It varies down to religion to religion to its people. Everyone is affiliated with religion in some way or another because it is in our roots. Our elders have strongly believed in religion because it played the significant role in their life. Our beliefs come from the culture and religion we associate with it. It represents what kind of individual someone is.

It 's amazing how much religion affects our daily lives. We may not think it does because we are so busy with our work, studies, and stuff that we forget that there is religion. We go back to it often when we fail, need something, worried, pass, sad, and happy. We ask God for help. We pray to him because we rely on him to help us. So, our matters work out. He is the savior of his people. There is not one religion which is followed by people. Religion has many different types and it has branches to it as well. When you are living in the United States of America, Christianity is the most common among people. Around 75% people worship Christianity. Christianity has further dominations which may be little different, but ultimately…

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