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With the over one hundred different religions in the world, all proclaiming different things, it can getting a little frustrating to decide on one to call home. However, every Religion claims to be the one true religion. Is it the fact that one has a large following, or even a large building erected in the manifestation of the words they proclaim? Or is it a minute group of disciples focused on solving the ever frightening problems that the world faces every day? Mirriam Webster Dictionary defines a Religion as “the belief in a god or in a group of gods.”1 and this is simply incorrect. A religion is a community of people who believe in on set of beliefs, have established rituals, have faith in some sort of set principle/higher power, and have symbols and signs that they hold to be of a higher nature than other objects. A very important aspect to many religions is community, this is especially true in Christianity. In Christianity many of the rituals that take place, happen in a community environment. This is true for other religions as well, in Judaism, a large celebration of all members of the community is held when someone becomes a full member of the faith. This event is called a Bar/Bot Mitzvah, during this ceremony the boy or girl gets up in front of the congregation and recites from the Torah. Afterwards there is a reception in the new members honor. This idea of the need of community can also be seen in Christianity, when Christians get married they have to have

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