Religion, Religion And Religion

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All through history, religion and what God someone follows has drastically affected their lifestyle by affecting their political statuses. The way someone lived was determined by what religion they followed politically,economically and socially. Most colonies official religion was Anglican/Church of England or Christianity but some did not have an official religion which created problems. The slaves that were forcefully immigrated to the colonies were not able to practice their own religion because some owner were extremely religious and other were not able to connect to their God or Gods. American history demonstrate that religion and the God someone followed had drastic effects with politics by not being able to be part of it, economy by not being able to own any land and make money for himself , and society by not being about to join any communities or organization extremely affected slaves to reach true happiness in the place they call home.
American history clearly demonstrated that slaves were never treated fairly, since they were first brought to the colonies in 1619 they have not had any rights. They were mistreated, misheard and misrepresent every second of their life. Slaves were treated less than a human, in fact they were treated like criminals even though most never committed a crime. The law stated that they were just property and that their owner held complete authority over them. Therefore very few slaves were able to become freeman or freewoman and able

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