Religion, Religion And Religion

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When discussing religion, many people have different perspectives about religion beliefs and how to approach it. Religion is grouped in different sections such as, religion and spirituality, religion and philosophy, and religion and politics. Religion has many different views from different cultures because everyone approaches it differently with different beliefs also. To make something religion, is to have some type of belief in God, but everyone’s belief is different depending on the culture someone is located in. In society back then and today, religion has no set essence of a definition because of the different aspects people group religion in. This paper will explain the different aspects of what people believe constitutes different types of religion. The different approaches in how many people define religion gives different effects on how people actually group the word in different categories. According to the book “introduction to the study of religion” the authors gives a brief statement about how religion is interpreted. They state two definitions “1. Religion is awareness expressed through symbols of relationship to, or participation in, the fundamental power of life. And 2. Religions are symbol systems that facilitate relationship to, or participation in, what the members understand to be the fundamental power of life.” (Ring, Nash, MacDonald, and Glenmon, p 79). This explanation the book gives explains why it is so difficult to define religion. There are
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