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The definition of religion is very complex and very contentious within society, despite the agelessness of the idea. Religion is the belief and worship of a higher being or god. Religion is a system of faith and worship. Religion plays a crucial part in society, and often has been utilized as a basis for and integrated into societal morals and ideals. Religion, however, is often confused with spirituality. Spirituality, a broad concept, is an individual connection to a higher being. Spirituality is often assumed to accompany religion. For some, it is even difficult to separate the two concepts as individual constructs. While they often overlap, religion and spirituality are not necessarily intertwined. Religions require the belief in some kind of supernatural or divine higher being. The Oxford Dictionary describes spirituality as having a relationship based on mental or emotional communion. Spirituality is more of a personal idea. Spirituality is the individual idea of what the soul is and how a person can connect with themselves and/or a higher being (Cline, 2016).
There are over 4,000 different religions in the world. The most popular religion is Christianity, with about 2.1 billion members (Friedman, 2011). Religion is more of a social institution. Religion is participation in worship at a community-level. To officially be a part of a certain religion, one usually must confess their beliefs in public. Different religions have varying requisites for one to officially

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