Religion Shaped Inter Cultural Interaction

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Religion shaped inter-cultural interaction throughout the world since man first practiced animism. By the thirteenth century, religion evolved into numerous faiths that conflicted with one another. Conflicts involved numerous issues such as, who is god, is the chosen god the most powerful god, how to worship god, how one religion converts people to their religion. The issues that segregate different cultures are endless when exploring religion. As differing religions gained strength, cultures formed around people of similar beliefs and ideas creating dominant religions. One dominant religion, the Catholic Church, challenged other dominant religions to convert to Christianity. Religion shaped inter-cultural interaction through power, segregation, and diplomacy. Orders Given to the Twelve provides evidence that the Spanish Catholic Church, in New Spain, shaped inter-cultural interaction with power. The minister general, Francisco de los Angeles sent twelve apostolic Franciscan friars to New Spain to evangelize the native people to Christianity. De los Angeles told the friars that their hardships, “without promise of reward and to death in the line of holy duty---in the obediencia such a death is called the palm of martyrdom” (Francisco Angelorum, 59). The friars in their hardship would achieve admiration from their peers and the church empowering their own desire to succeed. De los Angeles also told the friars, “even if you do not convert the infidel…you have done your duty
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