Religion Should Not Be Allowed in Public Schools

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While students are attending public schools they should be aware of their religion options. The student should have the right to practice their religion as they please, just on the own time. Yes, religion plays a huge part in molding a person but, should be practiced when the time is available, not in a classroom setting. The government should have the ability to control the protection of the students that just want to learn. The capability to regulate the religious practices while attending public educational institutions should be left to the government. Faith, religion and belief, usually are three words that are used to describe one situation, although these words have three different meanings. To have faith in something or someone you …show more content…
Thoreau wants everyone to have his or hers own voice. The importance of standing up for what one person believes, even when everyone around that person states he or she is wrong, is substantial to that someone’s belief. Having the will power to show courage is more than joining the majority.
Everyone in the United States has the freedom to religion, the freedom to believe what he or she wants to believe in. In an article in USA Today, the opinions of Senator Dennis Kruse, and Andrew Seidel, staff attorney for the Freedom from Religion Foundation, were addressed. Sen. Kruse wrote a bill, seeking the Lord’s Prayer in public schools. The Senator writes this bill stating, “school districts to require the recitation of the Lord's Prayer, though individual students could opt out if they or their parents preferred” (USA Today). Senator Kruse allowed the option for the students to partake in this prayer but still required it for all districts. Students throughout the public school could feel uncomfortable and uneasy. What the Senator fails to recognize is that all student are not aware of the meaning of the Lord’s Prayer, yet alone the religious connection that it represents. Mr. Andrew Seidel expresses his concern about this bill by stating: "Bullying is a huge issue in schools right now, and to have students have to out themselves (by refusing to go along with a prayer they don't believe in) is going to open the whole atheist community up to bullying.
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