Religion : The Five Pillars Of Islam

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Religion: The Five Pillars of Islam
Religion, in my words, is a term used to describe a personal set of religious attitudes, beliefs, and practices but “the groups, practices and systems that people identify as "religions" are so diverse that it is no easy task to bring them all under one simple definition” (Anonymous. "What Is Religion? Definitions and Quotes). Religion is considered to be a very important part of life; even people who choose to not practice a religion agree that it is. No matter what religion it is that you decided to practice, the set of beliefs in that religion will regulate your behavior and provide you with hope and a reason for life. There are indeed a great amount of religions such as Christianity, Catholicism, Buddhism, Hindu, Islam and so on, but Islam is the religion I have chose to do research on.
Islam is the religion founded by Muhammad, whom is considered to be the chief prophet of this faith. The people who choose to follow this religion are known as Muslims. Muslims follow a sacred book, which is the Koran, which “strongly influences various aspects of Muslims lives, its sacred texts highlight features and peculiarities of Muslim culture. The system of moral, ethic and aesthetic values, represented by Koran has valuable meaning for universal human culture” (Yedgina, “Islam And Its Sacred Book Origin.” (2013)). Muslims believe in one God and one God only. The worship of Allah is an important element in a Muslim’s mind at all times.
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