Religion : The Impact Of Religion In The Modern World

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Religion has had power over people’s ideas and actions for thousands of years. Religion has been the driving force behind almost all wars and changes in history. But now in this modern world I think that religion should not have the impact it has today on everyone’s lives. In the medieval times religion was an essential way to get people in order. The threat of an afterlife full with endless torture deterred people from breaking the law and sinning. Also the promise that you will go to heaven if you led a good life was an incentive for people to help each other. Today religion does not have the same effect as it then especially with the rise in atheists and different religions. Instead most religions offer an explanation to the creation of this world and a more humble and peaceful life for some. However there is an increase in people once again using Religion as an instrument to get their way. Religion in conflict An example of religion in conflict is the Arab Israel conflicts that have been going on since 1948. This conflict was started over an argument about who should own the land but religious groups have an important role over the conflict. Some religious groups use their religion as a way of proving that the war is just. They say that that the land is rightly there’s and some Israeli Jews who invaded a large portion of Palestinian land said that they were “redeeming the land”. However there are many religious groups and communities that try to avoid violence and
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