Religion: Values, Practices, and Beliefs

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Introduction Religion is made up of a set of values, practices, and beliefs that are based upon teachings by spiritual leaders; believers are therefore completely attached to their faith. There are quite a great number of religious groups in the world today and as a result most people suffer differences of religions because the state allows freedom of worship and there is no way one can be denied the opportunity of worship even if one disagrees with the beliefs. Importance of understanding other peoples religions Personally I hold to the principle that it is unfair to infringe on ones rights to worship; I think it would be best if one could take the initiative of learning at least the ethics and beliefs of other religious groups especially since we live in a multi-religious state. This is important in the sense that; it will help to combat social and economical injustices, it encourages one to be himself/herself, it helps reduce racial tension and promote peace, it helps to curb vandalism and it also helps one learn not to interfere when one is practicing his/her faith. It would be wise to know for instance materials that are used in worship by a different religion so that one can avoid defilement of the materials that are normally said to be sacred tools that hold great meaning and should be handled in certain ways. It would also be considerate to learn some codes of conduct like how one should behave in religious sanctuaries incase one gets to visit such places,
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