Religion Vs. Society During The 1700s

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Kelvin De La Rosa Mrs. Bach Senior Project 1/25/15 Religion vs. Society During the 1600s, England’s inhabitants were forced to believe and follow the rules and laws of the official religion of the country. The lack of religious freedom angered many people within England, but news of a new beginning arose and created hope for many. News of new land caused encouragement and left no excuse for anyone to stay and continue to be oppression that was dealt out daily throughout the lives of many in England. In 1620, a group of people called the Pilgrims voyaged across the Atlantic Ocean seeking salvation from the violent grip of England. The Pilgrims, as they are known today, escaped England in search of religious freedom, specifically to be able to freely follow and live in Christianity. It has resulted in America being created on a religious foundation. Yet, this apparent fact was one that ultimately stalled America as a society. Today in the twenty-first century, people have taken religion and the Bible and corrupted it. Large amounts of people have taken the Bible and religion and are using it for their selfish goals of spreading propaganda. Many social issues that are present today, such as the treatment of the LGBT community, abortion, racism, feminism, gender roles, and war, has been created or instigated by people’s misinterpretation of the Bible or ignorance of religion. The ultimate truth is that man and women alike have been dictating the lives of many and one’s view
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