Religion-Week 1

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Explain whether you agree or disagree with the notion that religion and science can coexist. Name at least two (2) key points from the podcast that substantiate your position.

I do believe that religion and science can coexist. In the interview the commentator explains that one of professor Francisco Ayala's (Faith Matters. 2010, April 02) statements was that "science and religion need not be in contradiction if they are properly understood"..... "religion explains why and science explains how..... but they are one in the same" ( Lab activity: Chapter 1). They really complement each other and they don't have to be separate or contradictory to each other. When I think of religion I see it as a roadmap that leads to an expected end, and
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In conclusion, I agree with the professor in believing that they can coexist because they are just two different components that attempt to explain the same subjects from different perspectives. With the right understanding of both ideas and how to apply them to each other one could develop an even richer understanding of religion as a whole.

· Faith Matters. (2010, April 02). Scholar says that religion and Science can coexist. Lab Activity: Chapter1. Podcast retrieved from
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