Religion and Atheism

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Religion atheism Religion is a highly complex and difficult field, constituting, on the one hand, the founding power at the basis of nations and societies, but also, on the other hand, a cause of wars and never-ending conflicts. The disputes on religious matters are far from being exhausted and the issues debated are virtually infinite. Religion is a never ending subject of discussion, and one ever lasting topic of interest is represented by tolerance. Tolerance often represents the pillar of religious preaches, but it is less commonly applied; tolerance to other religions or tolerance to those who have different believes. Religion within itself is based on the belief in a deity, which is almighty and which somehow influences the life and the after-life existence of the humans. The particularity of the religions is that they are all centered on something greater than humans. Still, all religions are different from atheism, which is the denial of the existence of a deity. The scope of this paper is that of assessing atheism in a more objective manner and eliminating some of the previous prejudices. 1. General information about atheism Atheism is the general lack of belief in the existence of a deity. The word, in is essence, is formed from the combination of two words a, which means without, and theism, meaning the belief in gods or in god. The atheists do not believe that man is the creation of god, and they also strongly believe that mankind can live
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