Religion and Sexual Censorship in America Essay

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“Those of us who trust sexuality must not allow ourselves to be controlled by those who fear it (Marty Klein).” In America censorship has affected various mediums: print, art, television, and internet, as it pertain to sexuality. However the first amendment “protects” the right to free speak, and press. Congress has tried to pass bills to outlaw pornography, (but have failed) ban books for sexual content, and dictate what can be said on TV and radio. If the government is allowed to censor these ways of communication then we, as citizens of a democracy, will be treated as citizens under a dictatorship. “Censorship may even suppress new and different ideas, keeping them from being made public. It may also set limitations, which stifle the …show more content…
Instead of confronting, and addressing the fears and ignorance of sex these people prefer to ignore them. The supporters of censorship would rather not deal with this issue; instead they rather have the religious groups they belong to dictate what is accepted by the Judean-Christian culture. Since so many people are afraid of their own sexuality, there are some aspects of pornography that frighten these people. Pornography shows people as sex objects. For people who fear they aren't sexually adequate, this is scary. “The social myth covering this personal fear is that consumers of pornography will begin to see all men or women that way. This naive, inaccurate assumption also denies the healthy dynamic of lovers agreeing to objectify each other during their sexual (M K)." Pornography shows people experimenting via sex. This is a scary concept for those who fear that their experimenting can lead to trouble. Pornography invites viewers to stimulate their inner sexual feelings. Pornography also encourages acting on natural lustful instincts. It also depicts many of their fantasies are deemed as taboo in the standards set forth by society. By censoring pornography, such people feel they are keeping others out of danger, but in fact they are really suppressing others though of sexual fantasies and query. So in a culture where people learn to fear their own sexuality, sex appears to require censorship if it is sex for pleasure, healing, or
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