Religion and Society of Ancient Egypt

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Menes The Old Kingdom, these are the roots of today’s Egypt. When Menes united upper and Lower Egypt, he became the first Pharaoh. The very first Dynasty had been created with Menes great success. Now, it is a known fact that it wasn’t known as the Old Kingdom to Menes and his pals. With the Pharaoh having as much political and religious power as he has, both seen as a king and a god, Menes created a new groove that would follow on to future dynasties going all the way up to the New Kingdom.

Social Hierarchy This proved to be a double edged sword, as carrying such power also meant that when locusts hit the fan, the Pharaoh was also to blame for bad crops, weathered, droughts, and famine. With the hierarchy of under the Pharaoh, came government officials, priests, scribes, craftsmen, and finally, peasants and slaves. Of these, next to the pharaoh, the priests and scribes carried the most importance. As religion was a way of life, how would we know anything about the ancient Egyptians without the trusty scribes? And working in uniformity to create consistency in writing was very important. As colors, sizes, and postures had their importance when creating historical writings. Due to these writings, we know that Menes was…
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