Religion and Women Empowerment

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Is religion made for human or only for man? Religion is often the most vital and considerable aspect in most of the people’s life throughout the world but often plays a negative role for women empowerment. Women are suppressed, disregarded and abused by every religion in the world. Most of the religions consider women as the second class human that refers men are the first who will be benefited by the religion (Tanzim). The patriarchal society is structured in such a way where women actually have less power to raise their voice against the society which is dominating them and always being an obstacle in their way of freedom and prosperity. However, surprisingly, it is conspicuous that comparatively women are more religious and involved in…show more content…
Women’s life have been limited by establishing rules and regulations that control reproduction, by establishing male hierarchies that perpetuate male dominance and female submissiveness within the family and within the religion, including institutionalized mal leadership, scholarship, and power within each religion and the absence of women as deities, historical figures, role models, or priestly officiates (Siegel, Choldin and Orost). One of the boundaries of women in the patriarchal society is that it does not welcome women to go outside and be involved in different outside activities. As women have restriction in their dress code, in some, more fundamentalist Islamic societies, women’s bodies are to be completely concealed at all times; even if she must venture out in public in the first place, she must hidden under a chador (Crandall). A Jewish girl also learns that in an Orthodox synagogue, she will be required to sit behind a curtain or barrier, in order that her sexuality not distracts any man from prayer (Siegel, Choldin and Orost). Women are being preferred to stay at home, doing household chores, cook and take care of children and husband. Getting education which is most important to eradicate discrimination,
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