Religion as a Form of Expression in the Millennial Generation

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Religion as a Form of Expression in the Millennial Generation Throughout the world today, hundreds of different religions exist, and though many have very different beliefs, the similarities between them are almost convincing of a first religion among primitive mankind. But throughout the centuries, different systems and people have evolved, often causing more tension than any other cause. Religions of past and present have often been the source of meaning in people's lives. People in the past have more or less adhered to strict religious doctrines, and lived according to them. But people today face different situations and lifestyles. Times have changed as the human race has changed. Are people still searching? The question still…show more content…
He is vitally related with and even dependent on powers in Nature and Society external to himself. Dimly or clearly, he knows that he is not an independent center of force capable of standing apart from the world" (Mankind of Noss 28). A Way of Life Things have changed immensely since the beginning of mankind. In centuries past, religion was not just religion to people, but a way of life, the reason for life. In some places, people are killed for straying from their faith. Some people le are killed for having a faith at all. The freedom of religion, as declared in the first amendment of the United States Constitution, has made this country different. Most Americans will never experience the fear of a Muslim turned Christian, who is constantly running for his life. Most atheists will never experience social rejection because of their disbelief. America is intended a free country, and this is, perhaps, the reason why its religion is not as deeply rooted in its legal culture as many other countries. Dominant Religions of the World Hinduism India is the root of the Hindu religion. As of 1990, there were more than 700 million Hindus living throughout the world, though the majority of them lived in India (Mankind 96). In the life of a Hindu, religion means more than going to church once a week and praying before meals. Their dedication to God is the focus of their life, and their faith is their most precious possession. Hindus often refer
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