Religion in Public Schools Essay

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Religion in Public Schools

Are you religious? Do you have children? What kind of environment would you like your child in while he/she is in school? A century ago, most of America’s public schools were religious schools. Over time the state has redesigned schools in order to make schools for all children and not alienate any students. The Supreme Court then accelerated the movement in 1962 when it declared that prayer in public schools was unconstitutional. Then one year later the court removed all bible reading from public school because it is a religious exercise(-------). There is no clear line between what instructors are aloud to teach in school and what they are not aloud to teach, so many laws have been written and changed. In
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“Public schools have really become a place of neutral ground,” says senator Tom Daschle(-----------). Daschle also stated that although he learned his values as an alter boy at Sacred Heart School, he believes in separation of church and state, because children may take part in something out of the mainstream. “I don’t think I want my children to say a prayer written by Sun Myang Moon,” Daschle said, referring to the religious leader who was recently convicted of tax evasion and declared himself the messiah. House representative John Thune believes differently, saying every school district should be allowed to decide whether to let students take part in voluntary prayer and other religious activities. Thune objected to Daschle’s statement saying that school districts would never allow prayers by Moon or others outside the mainstream.

Among the issues of religion in schools, prayer is the largest debated. Many believe crime and teen pregnancy will drop if prayer and bible reading is put back into the public school system. Saying these are solutions to a range of teen problems and one of the only ways to teach values and ethics(1-------). “The biggest mistake our country has ever made was on June 25th, 1962 when the Supreme Court forebode 39 million students from praying as their fathers and the fathers of their fathers did before them,” said D.L. Moody at a
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