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In my family, we see religion as our own personal decision; different to each individual. All the children in the Meyer family have been encouraged to explore religions and find what fit us best. As a child I was looking for a religion that I could relate to. I wanted to get in touch with nature and myself. I explored many different religions but I found no connection to them. My grandmother, a few cousins, and an aunt practice Wicca, and when I was nine I took immediate interest. I quickly felt like I belonged somewhere and had a purpose. My nana took me under her wing and I studied and practiced under her supervision. My nana is a High Priestess, an equivalent to a Pastor or Priest, and was…show more content…
The crusaders also changed the pagan deities to be seen as evil creatures that only “evil people” worshipped. The crusaders attacked the pagan culture’s openness of sex and reverence for women. Soon, the crusaders were forcing Pagans to convert by using violence. The crusaders saw women as mere property. Over time, the acrimonious crusaders led the rest of the world to hate the pagans and during the 15th century, they made all forms of witchcraft, including Paganism, illegal. Stories and legends of evil witches were instilled in the minds of people for generations. This great fear started “witch hunters” on massive accusation sprees that eventually led to hundreds of women and a few men to be brutally tortured. For two hundred years, men and men were tortured, burned alive at the stake, or hung for their so-called crimes. Most of these victims had never practiced any form of witchcraft in their lives (History). By the 17th century, nearly all public awareness true, good paganism was gone. The crusaders had achieved their goal of wiping the religion off the face of the Earth, and over time the effort had been forgotten. During the 18th century, anti-witchcraft laws were abolished throughout Europe, and throughout the 19th century, interest in the occult started to re-emerge and the Spiritualist Movement began. As the 20th century approached, the new generation began to challenge the dominating yet declining christian mindset.

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