Religion 's Effect On Religion Essay

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Religion is an extremely complex topic with many different outlets for discussion. Authors like Freud and Marx make compelling arguments against religion by focusing one religion 's effect human nature and their ability to strive in civilized society. Although these authors are apposed to organized religion, their views are separate in how they appose religion. Rather than denying or accepting religion, Tillich and Bultmann focus on elements of faith and how they effect the general ideas of religious belief. By comparing these authors idea’s on religion, I will demonstrate that the argument of religion goes further than believing or not believing, that many aspects of religion can be viewed in multiple ways. The authors I’ve mentioned will shed light on several ways we can approach religion and how similar topics within can lead to different assumptions. Freud argues that religion is an illusion that should be replaced by science, which is not an illusion. He compares how knowledge is accepted in other teaching compared to that of religion. When teaching religious beliefs three explanations are provided; these teachings deserve to be believed because they were already believed by our primal ancestors; we possess proofs which have been handed down to us from those same primal ancestors; it is forbidden to raise the question of their authentication at all. Religious teachings demand belief in their contents, but not without producing ground for their claim(Freud 33.). Freud
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