Religion 's Impact On Religion

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As scientific studies have increased dramatically over the past few decades, religious numbers have been down. Religion has been a major part of people’s lives since the beginning of human existence. What if religion died off? How would people live? This is an important topic because it shows how science has proved religion wrong. Multiple studies have been conducted over the years to see if science really has an effect on religion and how people that believe in science compare to the people that do not; such as surveying scientists and regular people on their beliefs or organizing brain studies on religious and nonreligious people. Also, studies have been conducted on the moral choices of religious people and how it compares to others. From these surveys, regular people tend to be more religious than scientists. Criminals were most likely not to believe in Hell. Religious people tended to be more morally correct than atheists. These results have shown that religion has kept people thinking correctly and it is not going anywhere anytime soon. However, religious numbers are dropping, mostly due to scientific influence. Some people today do not feel the need to go to church. Overall, religion has left the lives of many people all over the world because of scientific studies that have proven many of their beliefs wrong.


For years now, religion has begun to die off due to rising scientific research. Since the dawn of
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