Religion 's Influence On Crime

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On September 11, 2001 we all remember the horrible and terrorize moment all Americans had to pass through. We Americans blame the leader of the Islamic state "Osama Bin Laden", as we should, but the reason he killed was because of his religion. Some religion are good and bad, but the bad one can be dangerous to people. The bad religions are composed of bad morals and belief you are thought when you are young, and is difficult for some individuals to change it back. However there might be many more influences that encourages a criminal, but religion is the main cause. Similar to 9/11 there is many others examples that show religion influence is the cause of deaths. The article “Does Religion Suppress, Socialize, Soothe, or Support? Exploring Religiosity 's Influence on Crime” explores religion influence and what religion teaches individuals. The article sates "religiosity may have direct or "unique" effects on crime". Which means religion might be the causes of criminality in our society. In addition article inform reader that religion focuses on the “moral teaching about human relationships, ……encourage social interaction among believers, and seek to meet the emotional needs of their members (Durkheim [1912] 1965; Smith 1991; but see Prothero 2010). In other word religion teaches individual morals, and theirs beliefs. Some religions around the world practice killing people as a sacrifice for their god or something else they believe. In addition bad religion practice might
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