Religion vs. Medical Care

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Religion vs. Medical Care
Kaplan College
Dwa Adewole
April 23, 2013

As Mrs. Johnson waits in the doctor’s office, she hopes to finally hear after two years of trying to conceive that she is expecting. A very successful twenty eight year old woman feels enthusiastic about her possibility of being pregnant, after four years of marriage. Dr. Neil enters the room and began to inform her that she has stage three ovarian cancer and he would like to start treatment as soon possible. Mrs. Johnson looks at the doctor and says,”No treatment, I know my faith in God will heal me.” Mrs. Johnson believes that God and her faith will heal her body, because it is a temple that God has made. The beliefs of different religions can lead to unnecessary
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When asked why she stopped she said, ‘It is forbidden to seek medical treatment we pray for healing” (Gallegos, 2011).
Jehovah’s witnesses are able to received medical care, but they are not able to receive any blood transfusion because of their beliefs. The patients’ that are Jehovah witnesses are not allowed to accept any blood transfusion, not even if it’s their own blood that has being preserved. They are not allowed to consume anything that has blood by product, whether it’s medication or in food (Ehman, 2012). Some adults of this faith are known to carry a card that states treatment without blood. When it comes to organ donations and transplantation that is strictly up to the individual whether they choose to or not.
Jewish believers’ prefer not to have any medical procedures schedule on the Sabbath day. Jews refuse to work or do anything from sundown on Friday to sundown on Saturday (Ehman, 2012). Some patient’s are so strict about this that they will not even use the remote to the hospital bed or use any electricity. Simple things like pushing the call light or being discharged from the hospital is a problem. They ask if any tests or procedures are needed, please reschedule for another day. However, if it’s an emergency or life threatening situation there are exceptions.
Several faiths have an issue with modesty and receiving medical care from the opposite sex. Hindu’s
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